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This is just an exercise to develop critical thinking. Will look at Gupta's success with a questioning attitude. Rajat Gupta Story covers random speculative thoughts on some of the events in his life. Below are smaller segments with lots of overlap with it. Hope it does not offend anyone.

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Note: Why Rajat Gupta? He obviously is a shining example of how talent and hard work can bring up an orphaned boy from a poor family who couldn't continue studies without scholarship, to IIT and then Harvard Business School and then to the position of Managing Director at the very prestigious McKinsey and Company. From Rajat Gupta's pronouncements it is very clear that race and national origin didn't hinder him at all since Harvard and McKinsey are all pure meritocracies and seem to care only about talent and hard work.

I think he is a very nice person but examination of his success gives us clues about many current socio-economic factors in play in the world. I look at my experience where I have been discriminated and harassed by Westerners and Japanese and even some Indians of different religions etc., incessantly and without provocation, and I don't think I lack in talent, skills or willingness to work very hard (check out my resume somewhere) and while I accept fully that Rajat Gupta too is very talented, skilled and works very hard, such extreme disparity in treatment, not once but several times where people have gone out of way to help Rajat and went out of way to discriminate and harass me, does not seem probable based on publicly-stated facts. I am just trying to figure out reasons for his wonderful experience. I could be wrong though. West might be meritocracy as Gupta seem to imply and there is no racial discrimination and harassment in his view of West. Good for him

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The articles are my re-examination of Rajat Gupta's career based on very limited data - mostly one interview by Columbia University's Sreenath Sreenivasan - published in Business Today. The Real Fictional stories towards the end, are really fictional, and are just writen because I had nothing substantial to write. Just don't take them seriously.

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