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Hi, I am Kamal Sinha. I was born in India and studied electrical engineering at IIT Bombay. Currently I live in the city of Berkeley in California.

Recently IIT have been in limelight because of high achievement of its graduates. for IITs, for most of us who studied there, play big roles in our lives and I am no exception. We were young and confident. The professors, even the ones who gave us bad grades, were proud of us and wanted us to do well. (USA is somewhat different which I will cover elsewhere.) However, in my opinion, IITs have failed to fulfill Nehru's vision. My essays explore my feelings. I have got supportive emails fom many and emails disagreeing with me.

Those who are concerned about various issues surrounding IITs - like women's equality, relations among nations, would find something of interest even if they won't agree with me on many points. My goal is to stimulate new ways of looking at established truth and if I force you to think, I would have fulfilled my goal.

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