Kamal Sinha

IIT Kanpur Mafia Runs MIT!

December 7, 2003. Visited iitbombay.org and it mentioned that

"[MIT] is run by an IIT Kanpur mafia" - Business Standard, Nov. 17, 2003

Curious, I read the article (Kanpur IIT Mafia at MIT article) and it had the following sentence in it:

Kenneth Keniston of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently stated that “most of our distinguished faculty is Indian…the joke is that [MIT] is run by an IIT Kanpur mafia.”

Looking for IIT Kanpur 'Mafia' at MIT

Kenneth Keniston is a professor in the Science, Technology and Society Department at MIT. It has 19 faculty members, none Indian. Since the top students at IIT tend to opt for either computer science or electrical engineering, decided on check on EECS department at MIT. Over 170 faculty were listed on MIT's website but only 10 seemed to have Indian origins. Some like Amar Bose were educated outside India and could confirm only 5 having studied at one of the IITs. Number of professors who attended IIT Kanpur: 1.

Checked Mathematics and Physics Departments Too for IIT Kanpur

Undaunted, knowing that Indians (from IIT) gravitate towards mathematical areas, and mathematics and physics are two of the most rigorous departments needing high mathmatical caliber, checked out those too. In the mathematics department out of over 100 names, could spot 3 names that looked Indian and only one of them was confirmed to have studied at IIT. Not IIT Kanpur, though. Number of professors who attended IIT Kanpur: 0.

In the physics department the story was similar. Out of over 100 names, spotted just 3 Indian names, and only 1 of them was confirmed to have attended IIT. Luckily this time Kanpur was the lucky campus. Number of professors who attended IIT Kanpur: 1.

IIT Kanpur Presence at MIT: Summary

Department: Total number of faculty/Of Indian origin/IIT-confirmed/IIT-Kanpur-confirmed

STS: 19/0/0/0
EECS: 172/12/7/1
Mathematics: 101/3/1/0
Physics: 104/3/1/1

Total for these 4 depts. : 395/18/8/2

Indians, IIT, IIT Kanpur in Percentages

Total: 100%
Indian Origin: 4.5%
IIT background: 2%
IIT Kanpur Background: 0.5% (about 1 in 200)

Where are IIT (and IIT Kanpur) Graduates at MIT?

Couldn't find them where one would have expected to find them. Perhaps, they are in American History department, or just don't want their names to be revealed, being of the underground background.


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