BREAKING NEWS: Sumer Johal's Agralogics File Number C3651010 forfeited by California state

Sumer Johal, MIT, in legal and financial trouble

Sumer Johal's Agralogics has been suspended / forfeited by state of California. (New Agents are likely: Name: CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY WHICH WILL DO BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA AS CSC - LAWYERS INCORPORATING SERVICE. Address: 2710 GATEWAY OAKS DR STE 150N, SACRAMENTO, CA 95833. Confirming.File Number C3651010. Last deal in 2018 was debt of $250,000 remarkable low for a 7-8 years old "start up." His "best friend" Sanjay Dayal was involved too. Danger sign. Pray to God? Most likely write it off.

Agralogics FORFEITED by State of California

Update: Kamal Sinha on Mitsubishi, IIT and India

IIT acceptance rate, JEE, IIT grading ...

IIT News: India already developed - Late Manohar Parrikar, 1978 IIT Bombay

Infosys Foundation : Charity Sudha Murthy and Narayana Murthy Style

Sumer Johal, MIT, Sanjay Dayal, IIT Delhi 'Silent Observers'

Money Laundering Prediction

Thinking of sending money to India? Sumer Johal and Sanjay Dayal's patent pending vaporware is 'silently observing' you.

MIT Degrees of Sumer Johal - BS, M.Eng No MSCS

Sumer Johal's MIT thesis: A simulation-based study of the cost and performance trade-offs in a semiconductor IC manufacturing facility One thesis two degrees - BSEE and M.Eng. One advisor from business school - Professor Steven Graves, one from industry - Dr. John A Yasaitis (Analog Devices). NO computer science professors involved! Ray Stata, MIT and Analog Devices influence?

Sumer Johal a genius, 2 theses - BS and MS

Sumer Johal, genius, antique thesis, 2 degrees, same day. Wow! MIT's work done.

Enrolled in two UROP programs since junior year (3rd year); (got full MIT scholarship from start), one in electromagnetic field theory and the other in aircraft vision systems; and the semiconductor thesis, and later enrolled in the MBA program at MIT, when did he get time to study computer science? Oh forgot, "He teaches, choreographs, and performs in MIT's North Indian Folk Dance Club." In 20202 in a MIT class note "He teaches Bhangra and Gidda (Punjabi folk dances) at Berkeley, where his team won first place in competition "Dhol Di Awaaz"! Sumer also started Tae Kwon Do at the Berkeley YMCA and invites alums to join him in studying under his instructor from MIT" . At Xamplify he took senior management to his home where tandoori chicken was lovingly served. My generous estimate of his IQ: 75 (most pigs and chicken are smarter.). Lost $$$$$ of Robert Oliver (UC, Berkeley), Andrew Rudd (MSCI Barra), Bob Burnett (Cisco),...mainly to pay his and friend Sanjay Dayal's fat salaries and now, YOU. Hope you have at least a few millions to get ready to be johalified. Because all before you did.

American MIT billionaires' darling: the modern Indian 'Srinivasa Ramanujan's resume

Where is find him?. My best bet to start with....but jab chidiya chug gayi khet...

Role of Linux Foundation in it. Final forfeiture was on April 30, 2021, and less than a week later Agtech foundation was announced. Interesting.

Tasso Argyros, Stanford-educated, ActionIQ, invested $4 million in August 2016 in Series A funding of Agralogics. Vanished as for previous investors. Are you feeling like a lowIQ f***. Socrates : True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.

Agralogics : Puzzling Discrepancy

Agralogics FORFEITED - people

Agralogics People: Sanjay Dayal, Sumer Johal, Ana Lopez, Kazi Rahman, Kerry Beane, Linju Jose, (second line) Prakash Singh, Thomas Dewey, Xu Zhang, Yudi He, Mark Linder, Navneet Bilga, (last line), Thomas Capote

Companies under Investors (founders and executives) from: intuit, junglee, Directv, Morgan Stanley, TIBCO, Google, Kosmix, Riverbed, Teradata, nimblestorage, Linkedin, pwcl, ...

Agralogics FORFEITED - Rebellion?

A new site, lower, had Sanjay Dayal listed as founder, Sumer Johal missing. Tasso Argyros listed as investor, currently he is not listed. Some other names missing in one and not in other. Listed people: David Sypnieski, Mark Linder, Michael MacDonald, Michael Shaw, Raman Deol, Samuel Chow, Sanjay Dayal (Founder), Tasso Argyros (Investor)

SEC Form D - Funding  dried up

(taken from SEC's form D.) Tasso Argyos paid 4 millions in 2016, In 2018, Sumer Singh Johal tried to raise abother 5 million with no revenue declared. Only 250,000 in debt was paid in guess loan shark interest rates. Sumer Johal used to raise 250,000 for just his annual salary, and now this! End is near. Agni Bio's assets in Mohali, Chandigarh is worth a few million dollars, guess Sumer Johal has removed his ownership recently. Good luck in recovering your money.

MIT: BS and MEng on same day 1996; Sumer Johal: BS in 1995 and one year later MS in 1996, in computer science: HINT: One is lying

Sumer Johal's claim 1- BS and MS in computer science from MIT

Sumer Johal's claim 2- BS and MS in computer science from MIT

Sumer Johal's claim 3- BS and MS in computer science from MIT

Now adding St John's school after I found out. Couldn't find St. John's on Google, initially. Searched over 100 pages. A new start-up around 2000, revealed the class graduation transcript rather easily. Guess they didn't get the FBI note. It destroys the image that Sumer was a child prodigy born to a poor farmer, came to USA when still a teenager and got in MIT and on so. How romantic! 1988-91? What was he doing? Drinking beer or X? 1991-1996 BSEE according to MIT records.What about MBA or MSCS?

Sumer Johal's claim 4- BS and MS in computer science from MIT

Sumer Johal's claim 5- BS and MS in computer science from MIT

Sumer Johal's claim 6- BS and MS in computer science from MIT

Sumer Johal's claim 7 at TED- BS and MSE (note the E) in CS from MIT

Sumer Johal's MIT MBA - sooo easy, quant 1%ile?, verbal 1%ile?

Sumer Johal's MIT MBA sooo easy, Verbal 1%ile? Quant 1%ile?

Sumer Johal got into MIT MBA, full financial aid. GMAT verbal 1%ile?, GMAT Quantitative 1%ile? Life was good. I had a 99% (likely 100%ile) quantitative, 99% on verbal, among the best in the world. Was rejected immediately by MIT. Monkeys in Trance? Domo sumimasen.

St. John's school graduated in 1988. After resting for 3 years got into MIT in Fall 1991. 18 + 3. Age 21+? not teenager. BSEE thesis in 1996. 5 years undergrad! Lot of dates confusion. Will sort it out later. No MSCS. BSEE was the end, though a MEngg was added on to BSEE for no apparent reason. MIT alumni class notes of Feb 20, 1996 claims that Sumer already completed BS and got admission to MBA, but MIT transcript shows he completed his BS thesis on June 7, 1996, which weas months later. Unable to get a hang of these.

PDF: MIT's official degrees: NO MSCS no CS? Life is good. ;)

My Mitsubishi Racial Discrimination Case

Transcript of Entire speech: Bill Gates on IIT at its 50th year.

Transcript of Entire program: CBS 60 minutes on IIT

Kamal Sinha

Thanks to OpenCorporates , whose up to date data made research possible on Agralogics scam. State of California's website was slightly useful, but seemed to have old data, not much useful. Most sites to help the investors misled them.

News:Unicourt reported on 01/12/2021, Department of Industrial Relations, California, vs Agralogics in Merced County Superior county. Same court had Elnza Akbari vs Sumer Johal on the same day. Elna Akbari is apparently a PhD researcher. Awarded $19,xxx so far against Sumer Johal. Details later.

Sumer Johal's Agralogics apparently folded. New agents are apparently from Sacramento. Will check and likely will clear up matters in within the month.