Mitsubishi story

The new web site contains great details about my racial discrimination lawsut against Mitsubishi Electric in Japan.

It contains the entire original Kindle book (reading will take about 30 minutes to an hour. On top level you have a Hougaku Seminar interview (it is in Japanese), an interview in an American trade journal. Besided there were coverage by Nikon Keizai Shinub (Japan's business newspaper, circulation about 3 million). It was widely covered but not in India. We will speculate on it later.

It is a very unique story. I was preparing for a career in finance and has passed CFA, CFP, Societies of Actuaries' tough exams. Mitsubishi hired me aggressively but on reaching Japan they changed completely. Was given work unrelated to my specialization - very simple SQl testing and was told I will have to leave in 3-5 years though forced permanent contract on me. And absolutely no Japanese language training while others (Caucasians and Japanese) got language training. What's going on.

Please relax. Take a cup of tea, coffee or beeer, and enjoy my story. You won't be disappointed.

Kamal Sinha

My conclusion - in case you can't hold the suspense.