Privacy violation and money laundering claim


Xamplify on 200020531

Major portions are there. Can check with the wayback engine. Sumer Johal was kicked out long time ago after the tech audit which proved he was all talk. His name on the Exucutive list still remained. He left his protege Sanjay Dayal to take care of business. He did very well depleting his investment and all his hard earned reputation at chairman of Fair Isaac and so on.

Money Laundering Prediction

From Xamplify, Berkeley's web site in 2003. Money laundering detection claim. backed by industry leading experts.Sumer Johal was the CTO, earning quarter of a million dollars a year to get together his friends like Sanjay Dayal from IIT Delhi, and others to develope such a software.

Distinguished Board of Directors of Xamplfy in 2003 - Andrew Rudd, Barra; Elwyn Berkekamp, UC Berkeley; Bob Oliver, Fair Isaac and UC Berkeley;...Elyn Berlekamp, awarded scholarship to Sumer Johal at MIT. Bob Oliver looked after him as a son.

I am getting ahead of myself. The story began in 2000 June. I spotted a job ad in local craigslist, a very popuar site.

Data Modeler job ad

A side note: Months later I was searching for the same job ad but it had vanished from the site. I wrote to them and in a few minutes somebody named Craig responded. I told him approximate dates and content. Within a few minutes the ad was sent to me. Two years back, Craig Newark was there on the Guardian on-line answering uestions. He responded to my question (under IndianVegan) imediately and was upticked my many. Very helpful and unassuming.

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