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Official MIT degree: BS and MEng awarded same day on same thesis

Sumer Johal on Xamplify. Confused?

Sumer Johal at Xamplify

Sumer Johal at Xamplify 90

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Sumer Johal is Xamplify's Chief Technology Officer. He is an expert in real-time information transfer and scalable, secure design. (emboldened by me) As Vice President of Engineering at C-Tribe, an e-commerce-based affinity club company, he was responsible for the implementation of wireless, IVR and Internet sites, leading a team of contractors and developers through two full-lifecycle product launches. He also designed and deployed market analysis, email marketing, and data-capture tools for large-scale targeted marketing. Previously Sumer founded PSG, Inc., a consulting practice specializing in the architecture, design, and implementation of IT frameworks for clients including Nortel, Hewlett-Packard, AT and T and British Telecom. He was also Senior Operations Research Engineer at Analog Devices, Inc., where he conceived and designed plant-wide automated scheduling software to improve manufacturing efficiency. Johal graduated from M.I.T. with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Sumer Johal graduated from M.I.T. with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, specializing in programming techniques, scalability and computability. (Wow! by me)

Apparently Bob Oliver (UC, Berkeley professor and Fair Isaac chairman, CEO of Xamplify, Berkeley), did a technology audit and found what technology? and immediately set Sumer Johal free. Sumer claims it was restructuring, we will give it to him. He left a $250,000 a year job with mortgage due on his $800,000 Walnut Creek mansion. That is free spirited. Immmediately after that, in middle of 2002, he emerged as a bioinformatics expert.

Sumer Johal name appeared on Bay Area's Bioinformatics Consultants website:

Expertise: Application and product development, data mining, database development, bioinformatic algorithms, large-scale distributed knowledge bases, Internet development, browser technologies, stochastic methods. Modeling physical, chemical and biological processes. Numerical methods, efficient large scale matrix algorithms, protein structure prediction, protein sequence analysis, multiple alignment, Hidden Markov Models

To understand Sumer Johal we went though his past.Even requested list of his degrees and specialization from MIT resistrars office. Copy is at front and in main page. You are requested to contact MIT for verification.

Sumer Johal graduated from Saint John's in Chandigarh in 1988. He was a member of Saint John's Old Boys' (SJOBA) Association. Interestingly our colleague Anupam Bordia at Xamplify was also a member of SJOBA from a differnet branch school though. We didn't know. How cool!

In 1991 he joined MIT, from Austin, TX. As a junior Sumer Singh Johal was in 2 UROP; one in electromagnetic field theory and the other in aircraft vision systems. Regarding "the Class of '63 Scholarships, Sumer Johal's scholarship was renewed and he graduated in electrical engineering and computer sciences. He is currently in an MBA program." Mysteriously, he did his thesis url link on A simulation-based study of the cost and performance trade-offs in a semiconductor IC manufacturing facility available online.He was awarded BSEE and MEng in EECS. Two degrees on same small thesis! What does it mean?. He didn't do any further work at MIT. MEng. for free?

Am confused now. I guess he didn't finish his MBA. He does not mention his MEng thesis which is semiconductor related. Where is programming techniques, scalability and computatility as consistently sentioned on Xamplify's website. A jump from plain manufacturing to hypercool programming techniques, scalability and computability! Cool!

M. Eng. NOT, repeat NOT M.S. in computer science. (Check MIT on web.) Name: Sumer Singh Johal. According to current MIT EECS dept in August 2021, "A Masters of Engineering is only available for qualified MIT EECS undergraduates." It means masters in engineering is some sort of terminal undergrad in engineering? I suess just the thesis part common to BS and M.Eng.? Just a consolation prize? Oh, my. 1991-1995, 4 years for undergraduate degree in EECS. Bonus M.Eng. degree to leave them in peace.

Sumer Johal, M.Eng. (not MS computer), MIT

M.Eng. requirement, MIT

Pivotal Systems, Pleasonton described Sumer Johal to have led the Technology and Engineering organizations at ...Xamplify where he developed next-generation real-time computational analytics applications for large transaction management systems.

Latest: Linux's AgStack Foundation was announced in early May 2021. In case you were now aware of it. Most likely you knew. If interested, read it up somewhere.

REPEAT: Agaralogics File Number C3651010 FORFEITED by CALIFORNIA.

The company loses all its rights.

An educated guess about Sumer Johal's influence:

Sumer Johal appears to me as a typical Chandigarh guy whose relatives from Canada and USA sent money, and went to English medium schools, developed a superiority complex. I am guessing, somebody influential like Ray Stata of Analog Devices got interested (uncle in semiconductors?) He got scholarship to MIT offered by class of '63, and at Xamplify seniors, billionaires like Burnett (Cisco) and Andrew Rudd (BARRA, a near billionaire) listened to him with full attention, the secret is incomprehensible. I can visualize him owning his dhaba at Chandigarh and making lassi and chole bathuras, but how scholarships and computers and admission to MBA? Long time ago appiled to MIT MBA - had GMAT scores of total 750 (99%), quant (99%), verbal (99%), got rejected as MIT was extremely selective. Sumer Johal with 50% or lower scores getting admission, scholarships?

The mystery of Sumer Johal

Sumer Johal, Singh Johal, Sumer J Singh, Joha Sumer.Are some of the sames he is listed under. Why? Also Agni Bio-fuel at Chandigarh worth about 850,000,000 rs had him as a director.

Apparently owns a UPS store in a nearby mall(September 2021).

Sumer Johal, UPS Store, Walnut Creek, business

Sumer Johal, UPS Store, Walnut Creek

Corporation ID:C2434885


Date of Incorporation:2003-06-26

Sumer Johal at Xamplify, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President